How is Car Interior Cleaning done?

We spend certain hours of day in our cars. Even on rainy, muddy, snowy days we use our vehicle. When we do not use our tools, the seats and mats can get dirty when we use the internal parts and plastic parts while dusting. We must follow a path while cleaning the interior of the car.


First of all, we must not forget to keep microfiber cloth every time we drive. Microfiber cloth will be much more useful for dust removal and cleaning than other cloths. We need to park our car near our home or shop for a thorough cleaning. Because we’re going to have to use a vacuum cleaner. And we need to throw away trash, empty water bottles, papers in the car. Then, if we collect the necessary things in the car and get to the edge, we will be comfortable during cleaning.

Let’s start..
We must remove the mats from our car and wash them with a brush, soap and water in a clean place where we pre-wet. After washing, put the mats for drying in one place and we need to open the doors and the luggage compartment to get air in the car when we clean up our car. With the hose of the sweeper we can lay the car seats and clean our luggage. Then we can apply the polishes and polishes separately for the plastic, leather and rubber parts in the vehicle according to the instructions on the back. Or we can clean them with wet wipes and lightly moist microfibre cloth without having to deal with them. But here is a small point that we should pay attention to, we should not try to clean our car with bleach or detergent that we use at home because it may have irreversible consequences for us. We do not have much to do after we clean the torpedo and the edges of the door with microfiber cloth. If our mats are dry we will put them in place and put them in our car so that we can put the materials we had previously into the car into the car regularly. Finally, you can also give a spacious scent with in-car parfum.

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