What is personal cleanliness?

The word “leaning” on the tree is pre-emptive about personal hygiene. Personal hygiene begins at childhood. The cleaning habits that parents will give to children will affect them throughout their lives.

Every man is responsible for his own cleanliness. The cleaning practices taught by the child himself or herself often by parents, or by the teachers, must be done by the individual himself after childhood

The information that parents give to their children about toilet hygiene and personal hygiene is important for the right habits to be placed in children. The acquisition of these habits is at the beginning of the sine qua non in terms of the healthy development of children and the failure of their education. Cleanliness comes at the forefront of topics for healthy individuals. Experts say that from the very first stage of their toilet training, families must give their children adequate and accurate information on how to do personal cleanup. Because these habits acquired at a young age are very important for health.

It is not possible to talk about cleaning without water and soap. In advanced societies, water and soap are the most common materials used in personal hygiene. In addition to this, bath sponges, fibers, toothbrushes, hand and foot cleaning and brushes used in body cleaning, nail scissors are the first cleaning tools that come to mind. These are all personal cleaning tools that should not be shared with others.
The most important means of protecting the health of others, in particular, their own health, is cleaning. It is not only body cleaning, it is also necessary to keep everything clean and every environment clean.

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